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Thread: The anteater crew

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    The anteater crew

    They are all getting along great now. Pua and Aurora are best friends. Ori is a little weirdo that reminds me of Margarette from Denis the menace or maybe Lucy from Peanuts. She doesn't play with others much and is sometimes appalled at how much the adults around her play. She loves to groom others, is especially obsessed with ears.

    Pua hugging Ori

    Hugs by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    This is mainly how Ori plays, by herself

    Ori cinco plays Spider Girl by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Ori showing off

    One great climber by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Sharing some ants with Pua

    Sharing ants by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Pua tried to ride Ori and Aurora. She's a big baby

    Take me for a ride Ori by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr
    Sometime Aurora tried to ride her daughter too

    Pua and Ori

    Leap anteater by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    All three on a mission together

    Anteaters on Patrol by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Ori on her mommy

    Mommies make the best pillows by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr
    They got a bigger house now

    All three playing but Ori is trying to stay out of it

    Let me at her! by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Ori all sprawled out

    I guess it got too warm for her by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

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    Ori sleeping in the baby hammock by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr


    What did you say about coal, Santa? by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Another way Ori amuses herself - licking up food and then licking it into her mom's ears

    Storing food for later by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Christmas video

    The floor's a mess because they were tossing stuff around

    Marry Christmas

    AnteaterChristmas2011 by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

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    Awww, and Merry Christmas to your whole crew, too! Tell Pua not to worry, I am sure Santa will have extra treats for her putting up with that darned flashy box!
    I've Been Frosted

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    It is so good to see your kids again. Merry Christmas to you and many hugs and scritches for the crew.

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    Thank you.

    Just got Pua's Santa photos back too. I regret not taking Ori for a visit too but didn't think of it till late.

    Pua with Santa by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Is there mistletoe near by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

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    They are so darn funny and cute - thanks for sharing the pictures!
    Lilith Cherry
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