Since last summer, my beautiful little black cat has become periodically very aggressive towards me. I've observed and analyzed till my head hurts and haven't been able to figure out any particular trigger. Most of the time she's very lovable and affectionate but sometimes, without warning, she just becomes a tasmanian devil! I have been attacked, scratched, bitten many times and have to check where she is now before I can even walk across the room, just in case.

So I finally took her to the vet yesterday. He said he didn't think there was anything physically wrong with her and that she could just be an aggressive cat. He gave me some Clomicalm -- basically kitty prozac I think -- but he said in his experience we only have a 50/50 chance of success.

I don't like giving her drugs, but It's Christmas, and on top of it all I'm moving next week, so I'm expecting this all to bring out the worst in my little friend and desperately hoping this drug will end her aggressive episodes. But wait, it gets worse! Right after Christmas and my move I have to go away for a month and plan to leave my cat at my son's house. I can't leave him with my problems so that's why I opted for this drug solution.

The vet also recommended Feliway pheremones but he said he thought the drugs would have a more immediate effect, which I really need.

Have you tried either of these remedies? Do you think I made the right choice?

Right now I'm thinking that, assuming it works, I'll keep her on the Clomicalm at least until we get moved. But then I think I'd like to switch to Feliway.

Do you know if there's any issues in going OFF Clomicalm? Will I really screw her up by having her on it for 3 weeks and then taking her off it cold turkey? (I used to take antidepressants myself and I remember very clearly how horrible and confused I felt for a couple of weeks after weaning off them!)

And do you have any idea how long it takes Feliway to start having an effect?

My cat is almost 5 and although she's always been quite extroverted for a cat she has been a loveable little doll up until last summer. She was a year old when I got her and I know she was not well cared for in the home I rescued her from. My younger son, his girlfriend and her cat moved out of our home about a month ago, so that's what's brought on the latest bad behaviour I'm sure. But since this started 6 months before that it's not the only reason for this.

Since the vet said he doesn't think anything will turn an aggresive cat back into a cuddly kitty he's expecting me back in a few weeks to have her put down. No way do I want to do that!!!

Any insight or advice that any of you more experienced cat people can offer will be really appreciated.