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Thread: Bobby :( Time to say goodbye. Memorial frame photo added

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    Bobby :( Time to say goodbye. Memorial frame photo added

    Although I do regularly check the board and although I haven't posted in a quite a while I'm hoping there are still a few members who will remember us and be interested.

    I'm sorry to say my Bobby boy isn't at all well. He has become gluten and grain intolerant, and beside that is suffering from malabsorption with chronic diarrhoea which has lead to a big weight loss. Was able to mostly keep the diarrhoea under control but the weight was still falling off.

    Over the last few weeks we have been trying a new drug, similar to the one used for Crohn's in humans, and it seemed to going pretty well, hoped to see a weight gain, if only a little, on next weigh-in day. However, soft stools over the last few days and then today full blown diarrhoea containing some blood has kind of dashed my hopes.

    It could very well be the result of eating something he shouldn't whilst out in the garden - he's very adept at snaffling something too swiftly for me to spot ... yes, in all other aspects he is the same old Bob. Still annoying, still crazy, still happy in himself. Sleeps a lot heavier, but then he is quite old. Arthritis and getting weaker means his back legs don't work as well as they should, especially on waking, but he can still stand on them to reach the kitchen worktops in the hopes of a snaffle.

    So there you have it. If you've a mind to, please say a little prayer for my boy.
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