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    Exclamation Potty Training!!!

    I have a 1 year old Dorkie (Doxie/Yorkie mix). She stays kenneled during the day while I am at work, but since she spends all day in the kennel, she usually sleeps with me at night. I take her out when we wake up, when I get home from work, and before bed... but she still has tons of accidents. The thing is she knows what she is doing is wrong, because she will go run and hide under the bed. What can I do so she learns to let me know when she wants/needs to go outside? We are willing to do anything-- we have tried puppy pads too, but she isnt drawn towards them at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    How long have you had her? What obedience training, etc. have you done with her, if any? When does she typically have her "accidents?"
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    When does she have her accidents and how much time passes between accidents? Typically a dog should be let out to potty the first time in the morning, around 15 to 30 min. after eating, it wouldn't hurt to take them out before work, and soon after you get home from work (and if you work all day, perhaps see if you can get a dog walker or someone to let her out in the middle of the day) and then after the second meal, after period of play, and then before bed. And when she goes outside make it a big deal and tell her good girl and act a little silly. If the neighbors don't think that your odd (unless they understand it) then your doing it wrong. Praise her every time that she goes outside where she should.

    She needs to be let out around 4-6 times a day a. Also make it a routine. Even on off days. You may be able to switch times a tad, but you should take her out around the same times like I mentioned about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovinmyfurbabies View Post
    The thing is she knows what she is doing is wrong, because she will go run and hide under the bed.
    More likely, she is running to hide from the screaming, angry HuMom who is upset with her!

    Dorkies are small dogs, and have small bladders. My bichons weigh from 14 to 22 pounds - they must pee every 4 hours. If your dog is having to hold it longer than this, that is going to be one issue, as holding it leads to urinary tract infections over time.

    Pooping - a dog typically does this after each meal. Some need 30 minutes, others need longer. You need to learn your dog's routine and work with it.

    Next, when you take her out, and she goes, it is PARTY TIME! You laugh and dance in a circle, PRAISE her, clap, give her treats, LOTS AND LOTS OF TREATS. If your dog -- and your neighbors -- are looking at you like you are crazy, you are doing it right. Anything less is not a celebration!

    When she goes in the house, you do NOT discipline the dog. No yelling or hollering. You clean it up. It is OK to make noises of disgust, which you direct to the accident not the dog: yucky, ick, things like that. Look at the mess, not the dog. And then you just clean up and go about your business. You don't make eye contact with the dog at all.

    These are just a few of the steps involved, they will get you started. Some folks use bells at the door for the dog to ring, some folks want the dog to bark, you have to decide what you want her to do. Good Luck!

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    You said "... but she still has tons of accidents. The thing is she knows what she is doing is wrong, because she will go run and hide under the bed. What can I do so she learns to let me know... and she isnt drawn to puppy pads"
    I think when she runs and hides under the bed she knows you are going to be upset with her. IMO this makes it worse on little dog. Do try to be patient and kind with doggy.

    When I was training my LilGirl to pee on pad I used a liquid spray that I got at Petsmart. You spray it on the pee pad. Something in it attracts dog to pee on that area. It is called Simple Solution Potty Training Aid. It comes in an 8 oz plastic spray bottle. Also you can use it outside on the ground or on a pad.

    Patience and kindness will go a long way. Good Luck!

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