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Gotta revive this thread, since I don't see an MLB one for this year yet... last year was such an amazing season for the Cards, and winning the world series... the whole playoffs for them was A-MA-ZING. Talk about baseball!

Not sad to see Pujols go. He can take his ego elsewhere Granted, I did meet him at my previous job when I worked at a specialty practice, we did surgery on one of his GDS pups Honey. He was a really cool person; his wife, on the other hand... total female dog!!! So I have a feeling his "decision" was mainly his wife's doing and not so much his own... But he isn't doing so hot this year, so jokes on them I guess!

I think Matheny is doing an excellent job this year.... but, he does have an incredible team of players working for him so it isn't like he has to do much

I don't expect we'll go to the WS again this year, but gotta be proud of the fact that we are the #2 team in most WS won (behind the Yankees of course with 27!!) and also tied for #2 of most WS appearances (18!). LOVE the Cards!!!!!
I've been a Cards fan for over 40 years, have gone a few managers but La Russa was my favorite and I hated to see him go. If we didn't have so many injuries this season we would probably still be in 1st place. I'm not sure about Matheny yet, this is his first time managing so he has a lot to learn. Hey Mike, just call Tony when you need some help GO CARDS!!!