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Thread: 2012 Pet Talk Cat Calendars *THEY ARE READY!!!*

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    The missing frame & the kitties being faced differently would be my fault. When they asked me to delete the old photo and upload a new 1 I must have uploaded the first one I did (the one I hadn't edited for printing). I am glad though it turned out without white and without being twisted. I am so glad you are satisfied with it. Took them enough tries to print it correctly.


    My rainbow bridge babies have forever left their paw prints on my heart.
    Lilith & Vixen, taken too soon. I love you always.

    Signatures, avatars & blinkies if anyone wants one pm me with color,
    font and background preference and with pics and names of pets.

    Lilith's Catster Page Vixen's Catster Page

    Vote for my furry ones on the cat & dog channels
    Vixen, Bella, Vega, Frost, Phoenix & Artica

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    WOW, Michelle! You're amazing!

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    Really want a dog, or at least a friendly cat. I plan on getting a dog once Im in college or done with college, but do you guys have recommendations for breeds to consider?

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