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    I thought I'd post this here....Kiba had to be put to sleep on Friday Sept 9th due to kidney failure. I have no idea why this happened. The vet said it could be a few things but we'll never really know. Kiba was born on Aug 30th 8 years ago. She didn't live nearly long enough and I miss her greatly. She is/was the best cat I could even hope to have.

    Every night she'd come to me for pats and give me head bumpies. She snuggle wiht me for a while before settling at the end of the bed. She always followed me everywhere I went. I miss her so much. I'm not sure how I'll get by without her....

    Here is a video of her at the vets as I said goodbye to my sweet baby.

    It was so sudden and unexpected. I was so depressed about losing my job earlier in the week I didn't spend nearly enough time with her. I regret it so much. I didn't get my usual snuggles and head bumpies. When I took her into the vet to see why she was sick, the shaved a big clump of fur off her neck and I was like Aww, you're pretty fur is gone! Oh well it'll be no time before it grows back....I guess I was wrong. I just didn't think it'd end like this. I thought she'd get medication and be just fine.

    I think I'm in the "anger" stage. I'm very upset with the entire world. I feel like I'm cursed or something.
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