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    I thought I'd post this here....Kiba had to be put to sleep on Friday Sept 9th due to kidney failure. I have no idea why this happened. The vet said it could be a few things but we'll never really know. Kiba was born on Aug 30th 8 years ago. She didn't live nearly long enough and I miss her greatly. She is/was the best cat I could even hope to have.

    Every night she'd come to me for pats and give me head bumpies. She snuggle wiht me for a while before settling at the end of the bed. She always followed me everywhere I went. I miss her so much. I'm not sure how I'll get by without her....

    Here is a video of her at the vets as I said goodbye to my sweet baby.

    It was so sudden and unexpected. I was so depressed about losing my job earlier in the week I didn't spend nearly enough time with her. I regret it so much. I didn't get my usual snuggles and head bumpies. When I took her into the vet to see why she was sick, the shaved a big clump of fur off her neck and I was like Aww, you're pretty fur is gone! Oh well it'll be no time before it grows back....I guess I was wrong. I just didn't think it'd end like this. I thought she'd get medication and be just fine.

    I think I'm in the "anger" stage. I'm very upset with the entire world. I feel like I'm cursed or something.
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    I'm sorry about Kiba. Sometimes we'll never understand why things happen. She'll be waiting for you one day at the RB. {{{hugs}}}

    I can't find the video you posted.
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    I am so very sorry. She is healthy again at the Rainbow Bridge, and she knows how much you love her. You are together always.

    God bless you, and deepest sympathy. Rest in peace, dearest Kiba.

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    Acute renal failure can come on so suddenly and we never expect it to end the way it does. My cat Peeka passed from it but she was 14 when it happened. So it's understandable that you're puzzled about it b/c Kiba was so young. Please know that Kiba is now at peace and she knows how much you loved her and still do. I hope that you're able to find peace soon, too. RIP, sweet Kiba.

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    The video was hard to watch. I have been in your very shoes, Audrey, for more times than I can imagine, and it hurts very deeply. Your anger is keeping you with us, and it keeps you connected to Kiba. Letting go of the anger feels like losing the connection with her. I look back on the last cat I lost, Alabama. She was my son's best cat, by far. While the loss hit me, and still pains me a year later, it rocked his world. He cannot bear to hear me mention her name. With Allie, it was about 30 days from dx to letting her go. It made no sense. It was without reason. I tell you this to only let you know that it does get better, somewhat. Your heart is huge, your connection to Kiba was strong. And, she knew you loved her. The passage of time will bring you some comfort.

    But, at the end of the day, you are 'only' human, as are the rest of us. You can't 'know' why it happened, and I don't think understanding things is for us to do. We can only love, care for and remember our pets. It is a limiting factor of life. Searching in your mind as to why, what you did or didn't do, what could have happened, etc., is just damaging your soul. Try to stop the worry/wondering part, and focus on the feelings you have. I remember someone telling me to 'sit with your feelings'. At the time, I was pretty confused as to what that person meant. But, it means confronting them, feeling them, and eventually working/walking through them.

    You have lots of friends, use them now to help you with this.


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    I'm so sorry for your loss. You did the right thing by letting her go and now she's pain free and up at the Bridge playing and running happily. I know it hurts right now but you still have many wonderful memories of her and you will meet again. RIP sweet Kiba. Please take care. (((HUGS)))
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