I'm really worried about little Mike outside. He was here for breakfast yesterday and ate well then took off. He didn't show up at supper time.

I wasn't too surprised because the people living in a house for sale beside me (and I pray it's just temperory that they are there) had two kids visiting. One of them kept riding one of those 4 wheel all train vehicles. He rode it up and down our alley and the around and around and around circling one of the bushes in that yard. I figued Mike was just frightened and hiding.

I checked right at dark and he was on the porch. I took him some food. The poor boy acted scared stiff. He was in the meatloaf position against the wall by the door with his nose down. I put the food in front of him and he took one of two licks then just sat with his nose in the plate.

I felt him all over and he didn't seem hurt. I scooted him back further on the porch thinking he would feel safer there. He moved right back to the place he was. His eyes looked so wide and scared. I just left him there hoping he would feel better. When I peeked out later he had gone off the porch. He's not been back since.

I have never seen a cat so frightened he was almost catatonic like that. No pun intended. It hit me this morning that maybe he had been hiding in that bush the kid kept circling with that atv. It was one of mike's favorite places to lay. That would for sure scare him silly. Anyway, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

The fact that the family have two big dogs they let run loose doesn't help. They don't seem mean to cats but you never know.

Of course, I feel guilty. He came to me for help and I couldn't help him. I couldn't have brought him inside. That would for sure have frightened him even more. sigh