The little tuxie hadn't been coming around as much lately but seemed fine when he did. Last time I saw him was Sunday night. He wasn't there at supper time. I peeked out at bedtime and saw him coming to the porch to eat. His mom was there and hissed and swatted at him like she was trying to chase him off.

I went out and shooed her away so he could eat. He ate fine and acted fine. I didn't see him at all yesterday. Still not there for breakfast this morning.

Then I saw him sitting in the tall grass in the yard of the empty house next door where they hang out. When I called him, he started over here. I couldn't believe it was him.

He walks with his head tilted to the left and wobbles and falls over. His mom was hissing and growling at him. I shooed her off. I put some food down for him. He only would come to eat if I backed off. So I couldn't get close to him. He ate well though.

I tried to get hold of him so I could get him to the vet but couldn't. You'd think I could catch a poor kitten who kept falling down but he got back in the yard next door. That is a dangerous yard. It is full of weeds, glass and all sorts of junk. Plus smells like poop. It's like a house on the show Hoarders. I had to be careful not to fall myself. He got under the porch and I can't get him.

I'm just sick!!! I can't imagine what could have happened to him. I couldn't see any marks on him like he had been in a fight or anything. I'm wondering about ear mites or an ear infection because of the way he held his hed.

Any way, the little guy could sure use some prayers right now. I could use a few too that I can somehow catch him and get him to a vet.