My friend Tucker, the Labradoodle, has a unique gift.

He is fluent in an 'offshore' language.

He can talk like a pirate dog.


At least once a day I call him over to the chair were I sit and give him some loving.......I scratch and pat his haunches and he gets to the point where he makes this ARRRGGGHHHH sound.

I laugh and keep going until he starts to bark.

This is NOT A GOOD THING because my roomie has trained him to bark and do a clockwise 'Happy Dance' to alert her to the fact that he has to go out to pee/poop.

I have to stifle myself, I don't do it to provoke either one, but sometimes our horseplay does excite Tucker to the point where he has to go out.

I do have fun making him Talk Like A Pirate, it's a really special and unique talent he has and sometimes I wonder if his last name isn't Sparrow....