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Thread: Tell me something lovely that your cat does

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    Tell me something lovely that your cat does

    I'm missing Limpet today Couldn't get to the SPCA to visit my little ambivalent calico cat with the knickerbocker back legs this weekend, and I'm feeling the lack.

    Tell me something lovely that your cat does. I don't care what it is - a behaviour, a habit, a one-time-only thing that happened, an attitude or prejudice or preference, a particular tone to their miaow . . . anything so long as it makes you happy Tell me several things, if you like. Cheer me up!

    And P.S. Thanks.
    "Hoe sou jy wat so baie reis die wonderlike mense van ons land beskryf?"
    En ek se vir hom, "Man, Johan. Die meeste mense is maar lekker zef"
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    Havoc "kills" several of his toys every evening and leaves them beside my bed as "gifts" before he climbs up and sleeps on top of me

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    4,875 Mr. Love Bug. This morning I was in the bathroom doing what one does there first thing in the morning and he was just head bumping me the whole time and doing his figure 8's. I just keep talking to him the whole time saying..."oh Bubba (nickname) mama loves you" or I say "who loves you" and he says "mrahhhhh" purring big purrs the whole time.

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    Luigi meows and goes up on his hind legs, front paws up, to be held. And snuggles comfortably on my shoulder.
    The pups

    The Kitty Krew

    "Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer." - Dean Koontz, False Memory

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToBeEvergreen View Post
    Luigi meows and goes up on his hind legs, front paws up, to be held. And snuggles comfortably on my shoulder.
    That is sweet.
    Buddy is the only one of my 3 that will let me hold him and I have to grab him for that.

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    Oh my where to start? Zoe writhes and wriggles when on my lap - I call her my 'wriggley piglet'! - and other times she will curl up tight with her soft little head against my hand and nap. She is tiny and so adorable. She will also "murp" and rush off with a spring and a gallop for no reason - she makes me laugh with her kittenish antics. And she is 10 years old! he talks to me, rarely a "meow". I call him "my muttering boy". He moves to my pillow every morning and grooms anything he can find - hair, nose, cheeks, forehead.

    Cole - big black fluffy guy has a high loud MEOW and wants grooming or head rubs or tummy rubs. He's not a lap kitty, but loves being loved, and is the only one of the three to greet guests. He is totally fine with strangers.

    I love my babies!
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Fancy Couldn't Meow

    Fancy would not be able to meow like a regular cat. She would open her mouth to meow but nothing would come out lol. Maybe a little "eh" "eh" .. kind of sound. It was so cute!!

    Also she loved giving me kisses. And she knew her name so well, Fancy would come when I called her & trot over to me when I wanted her fast.

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    I used to have three little kittens in my garden. Their mother knew me so, she would rub herself against my legs. Well, the kittens were scared of me so, when their mother used to come, then they would come a little close to me. One Day the momma cat was sitting next to me, and one of the little kittens came real close to me, bit my toe a little and then suddenly realized it was close to me. After realizing it ran as fast as it could, to get away from me

    There is a cat in our neighborhood and I WISH I COULD KEEP IT!!! I love it soo much, but, due to certain can't be my pet well, at night I used to go to my sister's home. Her home is made in a way that when you enter through the gate, there is a tiled place where usually there is one car parked. Other than that, there are a couple of trees. In that place there is a door which leads to the inside of the house. At night the cat used to come and sit on the tiled area and wait for somebody to come outside. Well, whenever I went to her place, I WOULD ALWAYS WANT TO SEE THE CAT!! I went to it once and it was rubbing against my legs and I started to scratch its neck. It slowly sat down. And then, I had to go inside, so as I walking, it put its paw on my foot to tell me to stop. My aunt was sitting there and she was laughed a little at what the kitty did. So I had to stand there and wait for the kitty to move a bit far away so, that i can go inside I really want to see it again!!

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