I am new here, searching the internet as I have a problem with Maxx , my 12 year old tuxedo cat. This boy, never a problem in his life, I had him shaved a month and a half ago, because of hair balls. The vet tech nicked his tail tip and knee. He developed an abscess on the knee and attacked his tail till bloody. After numerous vet trips, $1000 in bills, till they admitted they caused it, he still has problems!!
On the 4th of July they cleaned his tail and abscess, gave him short and long acting antibiotics, IV's, ACE, and Bupe for pain. I had to leave the e collar on him for about a week. He still acted like he didn't recognize his tail though.

He was doing great, for several weeks. His tail was healing, he was happy and all of a sudden, last night went crazy and mutilated his tail again. I am going through what Jen went through having a crazed animal, blood everywhere and frankly, I am losing my mind about this. Who would have thought a shave for hairballs would have destroyed my poor cats sanity.
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This is part of a post that I sent the end of July. The update on Maxx is he did leave his tail alone for days while on the meds and I was able to take the cone off. I usually give him 10mg of Ace every other day and the Bupe on the odd day. The tail looks as if the bone at the tip is showing. It is warm and doesn't smell. I can press on it and he doesn't seem to mind.
Where I have concern is that when I don't give him the med, he freaks out, races around and does not recognize his tail and attacks it. When I medicate him, all he does is sleep. I make sure to wake him up about 4 times a day to eat, drink use the box and love him. He is worse at night and tries to literally sleep on top of my head or arms. I feel so bad.

Do you have any advice or do you think my poor cat is permanently crazed?

Thanks Robin