So I'm officially a Gleek lol. I'm a late bloomer. I just got into the show this season. I honestly don't know how I didn't start watching this show earlier. Singing? Dancing? a modern day GREASE (sorta lol). It's so me. So anyway... I'm in LOVE with Glee and I know there are some others here who are too.

What are your favorite glee performances?

I love "Blame it on the Alcohol"

YouTube - ‪Glee - Blame It On The Alcohol Official Music Video‬‏

I also love "should have put a ring on it" Kurt's performance is awesome LOL I LOVE KURT. I love this whole episode and especially the football teams performance of this song too lol

YouTube - ‪GLEE, Kurt - Single Ladies (Fanvid)‬‏

Kurt is definitely my favorite character. I love the hair sweep he does :rofl1: