Hello, I'm new to pet talk as you can see. I'm 17 years old and a senior in high school. I live in Philadelphia and I have the cutest little guinea pig. Her name is Sally (she got her name from my five year old little sister.) We adopted her about from a shelter. She was left there from her pervious owners. My mom was looking to buy us a small pet. We went to the shelter looking for a hamster, but we fell in love with the guinea pigs. We picked Sally since she was the most friendly and social. We have now had Sally for about two weeks and she fits perfectly into our family. Here is a picture of me and Sally, enjoy
I also volunteer at Pegasus Riding Academy, which is a therapy program from disabled children. We take them out to ride and interact with horses. I also care for some of the horses. It's a fun job and I also look forward to it. So I think that all about me.