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    You are magnificent, Scarlett! I like how your eyes shine like diamonds in the picture where you are coiled up, and your rainbows are apparent in all the pics . . . what a beauty you are, and so deserving to be our gorgeous POTD! Wishing you many happy, healthy years with your devoted guardian, Scarlett.

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    You're a beautiful girl Scarlett!!! I love the rainbow effect! Congrats on being POTD!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Scarlett you take my breath away. You are so incredibly beautiful. Those rich colors and patterns are just magnificent.
    What a love you are. I would love to pet you and feel your softness and sweetness.
    Congrats lovely lady on being POTD.

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    Scarlett, you definitely live up to your name! Such stunning rainbows light up your scales. Congrats on being POTD!
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    Happy belated Pet of the Day props to you, beautiful Scarlett!
    Oh, what a gorgeous Boa you are! Your "rainbow" coloring is simply stunning, and your markings/pattern, mesmerizing! I can hardly pull my eyes away! Your person ended with saying you're beautiful to her, "no matter what." But she/he doesn't have to qualify your beauty, or why she loves you so! You are one magnificent creature, a beautiful best friend, and so worthy of being honored here as "top pet," loved unconditionally EVERY day!
    Hope you enjoyed your big day on center stage, Scarlett, being pampered and loved to bits (as I know you were)! Wishing for you and your devoted guardian, many, many more wonderful, love filled years together! Love to you, beautiful Scarlett!
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    Scarlett is the most exceptional snake and is the perfect Pet of the day I am in awe and she is extremely magnificent and I love her!!!!

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    I know I am waaay late in replying, but I own Scarlett. I still have her and she has grown to be a 6' healthy beautiful boa. Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

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