Hi, I live in Central Tx and own 9 goats, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 1 horse and 1 donkey. I breed the goats (not right now, I sold the buck and am letting the girls rest). I am interested in history, forensics and mythology.

Goats: Snickers, Oreo, Mica, Taffy, Ari, Athena, Gracie, Mishka, and Bunny.
Dogs : Zane, Abby, Deputy
Cats : Cassidy, Jesse, and Jayde
Horse : Apache (Alamo's Apache Kids Geronimo)
Donkey : Skipper

The goats are "Brush Goats" aka mixes. Snickers is a Nubian X Pygmy, two of her kids ( Mica and Taffy) are from a Kiko X Boer buck and her other (Oreo) is from a Pygmy. Mishka is a Nubian X Boer and her daughter (Gracie) is from a Boer X Kiko. Ari and Athena are out of a Miniature Silky and a Nigerian Dwarf. Bunny is Nigerian X Pygmy.

Patches is a American Miniature Horse and Skipper is a Standard Donkey.

Zane is a Pit mix, Abby is a Shepherd Mix, and Deputy is a Catahula.

Jesse and Cassidy are American Shorthairs and Jayde is a Siberian Mountain Cat.