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Thread: Ori Cinco Tamandua

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    Ori Cinco Tamandua

    So it's been so long since I posted I thought I'd make a new thread. Turns out Cinco is a girl after all. I swear she was very pointy as a baby so looked very male but she has now rounded out and her mound can be opened up so for sure a female. So after a few days of deliberation I've renamed her Ori Cinco. I didn't want to lose the Cinco part all together. Ori is a native Guyana word that means Woman.

    Lets see if there's anything interesting outside by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    We own this hammock now by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    I'm not being naughty by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Her early interest in dresses is now not so weird.

    I don't think this is a designer label by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Baby Cinco eats some real food by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Hey there! by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Mom and baby Tamandua sharing a meal by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Love how Ori Cinco hugs mom's tail with hers

    Mom and baby eating by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    A bit unruly Ori keeps running off when Aurora leaves my room and she tries to stop her by grabbing fist fulls of her fur

    Come back here! by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Cinco meets Jake by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    And videos

    Of course you can get caught up with our blog too

    Still need to make a new post there to announce this whole gender change

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    Wow, what a cutie, and she's growing so fast! Congrats out finding out her gender!
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    I like how Ori and Aurora sound together! Hi, tamandua mom and daughter!
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    Thank you. Yeah she's growing fast. Already 5 pounds at 4 months.

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    Love these photos!

    Guess I missed some news, didn't realize Aurora was pregnant. What a lovely pair they make.

    I had to click on each photo and make it full size so I could see all the better, ha haaa.

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    Aurora was a rescue we took in and a couple weeks later she had a baby We didn't know till we picked her up she was pregnant but it was obvious once getting a look at her.

    Pua is the one I've had for a long time. We were hoping Ori Cinco would be Pua's new mate but maybe she can still be her friend. Pua and Aurora don't like each other yet but they put up with each other pretty well. They just quibble over who owns the Princess hammock sometimes.

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    Thanks, I did know Pua was the long term resident, lol.

    And I somehow knew you added Aurora, just missed the rest of the story.

    I'd quibble over sharing a Princess hammock too if I had one!

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    Awww, they are adorable together! And Ori is certainly getting big. Hopefully she and Pua can be good friends.
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    Just weighed Ori Cinco last night and she is 6.5 pounds at 4 months and 13 days. She's gonna be Huge. Stewie was 7 pounds at 8 months.

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