Malibu's 2nd birthday is coming up fast! She's going hit the big 0-2 on the May 26. I'm planning to bake a cake for her, Eve and Buddy to share. Quick summary of Malibu's story - I rescued her from a car engine as a little kitten and she has grown to be a very very awesome cat. She was recently featured on this website where I go much more in depth. I'm going to post something for her birthday but I just wanted to share a few more pics of her too. Without further ado, here are the pics I promised!

Sweet baby closeup

Little kitten, giant forehead

This was her box that she would hide in when she was still afraid of people

4 months! This is her "pick me up and cuddle me" face

And some more recent ones -

BFFs! Eve is really much smaller than Malibu in RL, even if they look the same size here

Post bath

Beautiful closeup

I love this picture!

I don't like the quality of this one, but what a pretty pose! Gives you a good view of her ticked tabby pattern too

And lastly - this is why I call her turtle cat. She likes to climb under beds rather than lay on them