Dear Taylor
I have tears running down my face, reading your Mommy's beautiful, loving tribute to her best boy. What a joyful, gentle giant of a pup you were, Taylor, and how privileged your family was to have known your love and companionship those many years.

Heartfelt thanks to your dear family for giving one most deserving doggie a paw up in life, a chance at happiness; allowing you to be the dog you were meant to be, giving you the life and forever family you so rightly deserved, a life filled with love. I can only imagine the heartbreak your family experienced that very sad night you earned your angel wings and left for the Bridge. But as heart breaking as your passing was, I have to believe your Mom and Dad took some comfort knowing that your final day was spent doing what you loved most of all, enjoying an active day in your beloved park with your family. Blessedly your family was there by your side as you took your final breath, as you told them it was time; filling your heart with their love as you left for heaven, love enough to sustain you until that happy day when you and your family are reunited. Until then, just as your Mommy says, your loving spirit lives on in their hearts, and in the countless, cherished memories you made.

Thanks to your dear family for sharing your beautiful story, your precious photos with us all. What an honor it was to meet you, Taylor, to pay tribute to the very special doggie you were, and all that you meant to your family and many friends. You're truly a Dog of a Lifetime.
Much love to your wonderful family, and dear fursis Nikki the Lab. I hope seeing you honored here today, reading the heartfelt messages, gives them some small measure of comfort.