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    Good morning... My cat is approximately 12 years old and I found a pea size lump on her hip and on the side of her stomach... The are kinda hard and move around.. So I took her to the vet.. He sd it's more than likely fibrosarcoma...they took chest x-rays and there is a snowy pattern in her lungs that they say is 'just different and not normal'... And it's probably related to the lumps. I take her to have the lumps removed on Tuesday to confirm the diagnosis. So, if it is in her lungs, does anyone know how long I may have with her? I'm am just beside myself with grief.. I don't think I can make the decision to put her to sleep, I know she's an older cat and do not want to put her through surgery after surgery.. I just want to give her a comfortable life.. She's my baby.. I'm so sad.. Can anyone offer any advice/knowledge regarding what i need to expect?
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