Hi, PT - Cassie here! Guess what, I have some news. Meowm is going back to w-u-r-k starting next week. I think that is bad, of course, because she won't be home all day to hug, snuggle, pet, love on and be with ME. She said w-u-r-k means she will be able to pay for things like health care and food for both of us, a roof over our heads, keeping the lights on and things like that. So I will let her go there. I heard her tell grandmeowmie on the phone that she will learn a new computer system and get to do a type of work she has not done before, so that is good. And we can still snuggle on the week-ends.

Kitties, doggies and pets - could you please have your people give you some petting and hugs for my meowm and me. We are thankful for our Pet Talk community!