Hi cat lovers! I am new here so please bear with me while I learn my way around. I seen the post, "Cat Games" and just had to post about my snowshoe Siamese, Sammy. He will play fetch. When he was little, he use to love for me to smash up my empty cig packs and throw them. He would chase them and bat them around forever. One day, he comes running back to me with the "ball" in his mouth. It was just the cutest thing I had ever seen!! Now, he is older but still knows that sound when I smash the pack and say, "are you ready"?, he will meow at me and wait for me to throw it. He is my little man. Never lets me down and loves me unconditionally. I also have a very sweet lil russian blue who's name is "Blue Bell", BooBoo for short.?. So good to find this website where people actually know what its like to be loved by a cat.