Hi. I doubt any one remembers, but my kitty Malibu was COTD some time last year. I haven't posted since but I've been lurking around a bit and decided to share some more recent pics of my cats and introduce everybody to the rest of the gang.

Portrait of Malibu, AKA the BCE (Best Cat Eva)

She's not really as sophisticated as she seems.

I think I partially introduced Eve too. Eve is very, very special and is the source of both a lot of laughter and a lot of headaches. She's my little weirdo.

Trying to move the ball with her mind.

She's absolutely adorable.

Further proof to back up that prior statement.

This is Buddy. I love Buddy. It's impossible not to. He is quite possibly the most happy, friendly cat in the world. He loves to be near you. He especially loves being picked up and cuddled on your shoulder - he purrs and kneads up a storm. He has a congenital heart disorder - so often it's the ones with the kindest hearts who end up with dysfunctional ones.

Soaking up the sun.

Helping his grandma sow curtains.

And heeereeee's Amber! Amber has been around roughly since the beginning of time. Well, close to that, anyway. We're only a few years apart - she's 13, turns 14 this year - so she's almost like a sister, not a child like the rest of the critters. She's a sweetie pie. Only recently has she dared to venture into our laps, now she loves to cuddle, within reason of course. She's gone a long way from being pretty feral - she's a very good matriarch who does her best to keep things in check. She has our dog very well trained.

Trying to sleep -

Cute portrait -