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    Baby Cinco

    We took in a rescue tamandua and named her Aurora.

    This thing is weird by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    She was pregnant and had baby a week and a half later, Jan 23rd.

    Aurora's baby by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    I'm not 100% sure on gender yet. So hard to tell on the little guy but think male. So Cinco is the name since the fifth male to pass through here, though Cinco will be staying.

    Better baby photo by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Yeah, I got Attitude already by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    At least were not just sitting at the food bowl by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Baby Cinco licking my fingers by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr

    Plenty of photos on our blog if you go back to birthday through, and some videos.

    Pua's doing good too

    Looking cool, Pua by TamanduaGirl, on Flickr
    Aurora's not let her near baby but I don't blame her. Pua wasn't nice to Aurora when she was still pregnant and wanting to make friends.

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    Let me just be sure I have this straight. Baby Cinco is staying. Welcome, Baby Cinco! Is Aurora not staying? Where will she go? Does she have a forever home for when she no longer needs your care? Will she get that she's leaving and baby is not? Baby Cinco, you are a Sunday's child and you are 3 weeks old! In the 4th picture from the bottom, I can see Baby Cinco already has his tamandua claws coming in. What does Baby Cinco eat?

    And I went back and re-read the FAQs on Pua's Web page. Pua, you are looking very cool in your jean jacket!

    Have you seen this page?

    Edited to say: Whoops, I can't count! You are four weeks old! One month today Aurora and Cinco, you are in some very good hands!
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    Well, I said it that way since other males didn't stay or died. But Aurora may or may not stay. We did track down her origins to a breeder(but don't know if she was bred there) but not used to living in a home. She's pretty high strung and may not enjoy being a house pet in which case we'd find her a place more like she's used to that's more hands off and live with others of her kind. She's got plenty of time to decide though since she will be here till Cinco is weaned at least. She's never violent just easily upset. It's understandable from her point of view though, was abducted to a alien environment then had a baby there.

    Actually Cinco is 4 weeks old. He's still nursing only. They don't wean till 6 months earliest but normally 8 months to a year. They start sampling food around 3 months. He did take a little taste of Aurora's soup food one night but that was mostly formula as she had tummy upset. She's on soup since the breeder had been bringing her ant nests to feed on and she doesn't know how to eat real food yet. Got her to take a liquid diet mix by using blue cheese mixed in. There's a species of ants they like that tastes like blue cheese.

    He was born with claws but the tips were white(soft) so as not to hurt mom. Kind of like porcupines are born with soft quills but they harden up after birth.

    Yes I've seen that page. Back before I got Pua I went through every result of Google for Tamandua and anteater. It was hard to find good info and I wanted all I could get.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk, Aurora, and welcome to the world, Cinco! I've never seen a baby tamandua before, and gosh you are adorable!
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    Cinco is so adorable! Good to see Pua and to meet Aurora!
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    How adorable!!! Welcome Aurora and Cinco! Love the Pua pic too.
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