I come home at different times based on my work schedule. Some days, I'm home at 6:00, others, not til 9:30. Either way, its routine that I give them some food as a snack once I'm home. They meow and trail me like I'm the Pied Piper of cats. Its a parade of cats from the back door to the bedroom (I feed them all in the bedroom due to Callie getting at their food otherwise -- its too high up for her in the bedroom)

Do you kow how many times I come home to poor pitiful straving kitties? Every night. Do you know how many times I go through this dance, only to find there is still food in their bowls from hubby falling prey to their starving kitty dance? 0nce or twice a week.

Now, if they still have food in their bowls, WHY would they tell me they were starving and needed me to feed them?

Silly kitties.