Saw the introductions thread and figured I'd introduce myself and my cats I'm a cat lover from Oregon. I'm married to a wonderful man in the US army and we are expecting our first child - a daughter - in April. There are four cats at our house. The eldest at 15 years of age is Brenda whom my husband has had since grade school. She is a brown tabby with white markings and pretty lively for such an old lady The youngest two are a 6 year old pair of brothers. They are black with some beautiful brown undertones in the right light and about as different in personality as can be. Black Jack was the runt of the litter and still acts like a crazy, psycho-brained kitten, whereas his brother Basil has matured into a large, stately, panther-esque cat. He has his playful moments too of course, but is in general much more reserved than his brother. Our fourth cat, Goldi, is a stray that adopted us. She is a beautiful brown/gold tabby and very affectionate although she still startles easily and absolutely refuses to come in the house - she panics if we try to lure her in and then close the door so we have just let her be. I worry for her living outside all the time what with our cold & rainy winter weather, but she seems to know how to take care of herself and we have made a small cat sized house on the deck railing for her to use as well as giving her access to the garage so she has two warm options to go to if she needs them. We also have five chickens and end up with an average of three eggs a day. They don't seem to have much sense and are very entertaining to watch They are also all bigger than the cats, so the cats leave them alone which is good.