For those who followed Jasper's thread in "cat health", and his sore foot leading up to his leg amputation, you might remember how an x-ray showed "fuzziness" in his lungs.

At the time the vet felt that it appeared as if the cancerous-type growth on his foot might have moved into his lungs. And he might have as little as 6 months to live.

Well, Jasper has begun to have episodes of very heavy breathing. 1 episode about a week ago, but then 2 in the past 2 days. Each of these last 2 were followed by a lack of appetite. (in other words he had an episode and did not eat that meal, then he ate the next 2 meals as usual, but then another episode caused him to not eat again this evening.)

I fear he will decline fast, he is starting to look at me with "those sad eyes" (if you have ever seen your pet tell you that they are ready to leave, you will KNOW that look).

You can't pray for him to get better, I know that, but if you can send a few kind thoughts our way, it would mean a lot.