I think my kitties need some pictures posted so I am going to start with Ku! He is the one my husband gets along with best! He has such a great outgoing personality! We call him Ku for short. I would say he is the one we play with his name the most. Rikula and Ku Kuson are some other names he gets called! Rikula has to be held out long and loud like the Ricola cough drops commercials!

This is Phoebe and Riku looking over my computer while I am on it. I am supposed to be giving them attention and not the stupid pad on my lap!

Here is Phoebe and Riku again. They have spent many years together and are rather close!

This is Ku in a couple cat beds we got them. They didn't use them much so they went away for a while and when they came back they seemed to like them better.

This is when we got our couch and he seemed rather happy to have a real couch!

Extreme Ku Closeup!!! Only sad part is you can't see his pretty blue eyes in this picture. I will have to get a few from my husband that accent Ku's eyes!

Ok so not the most flattering picture of myself, but Riku is snuggling on me after a long day at work!

You can see the drastic difference between how Phoebe and Riku sit together in the chair and how he and Riley sit in the chair! They are not quite as close but will be in the same area with each other.

Hubby got new shoes and he claimed the box!

Another tight fit for Riku. Sometimes he just has to fit himself into the tightest spots especially when it is a new spot! I guess he is testing it out to see if he likes it. He hasn't been in that spot for a while so I guess he didn't like it!

Sleepy Ku!

Thanks for looking at my Ku!