Happy Pet of the Day to you Flecki, the best bunny in the whole wide world! What a beautiful bunny boy you are, Flecki, inside and out! All of you Lion Head bunnies are so precious, and you especially so; your silvery grey coat is simply gorgeous, and oh, what a face!

I so enjoyed reading all about your happy, care free life, Flecki! How lucky you are to have such a caring and loving home and family! Every bunny should be so pampered, enjoying time out in the garden in summer, dining on only the finest foods, and having not just one but two ultra-deluxe, colorfully painted hutches to nest in...one for winter, and one for summer; how neat is that! And I must say Flecki, you are quite the cutie character, what with all of those adorable habits of yours, like putting your ear up to the speaker to listen to Michael Jackson, and sleeping with your very own stuffed duck! How sweet!

I'm so very sorry to hear that you lost your partner, Flecki. But thankfully you and your devoted person had one another to turn to for comfort during that very sad time! How lucky you are to have one another; best friends for life!

Many thanks to your family for sharing your sweet self with us all! It was a pleasure meeting you today, having the opportunity to honor you, and all that you mean to your family! Lots of love and cuddles to you on your big day in the spotlight, precious Flecki! I hope you're enjoying a fun filled, extra special, Pet of the Day celebration; you sure deserve it!