Hello, you can call me Rachael, I am new and would like to share tips and learn new tips here on pet talk. I am 18, and has a father, when, in third grade, had the IQ of the average college student! I know quite a bit about fish, ducks, hermit crabs, cats, rats, fiddler crabs, red claw crabs, frogs, and rose hair tarantulas. I am always eager to learn and if you think I am wrong, PROVE ME WRONG! Do not hesitate to research anything I tell you even if you believe it. You can also contact me on my Youtube account at [email protected]. Perhaps you have heard of my father, Kriskkhaos. I have several pets, I have a duck, two cats, (one indoor and one outdoor) many frogs (too many to count at the moment) hermit crabs, fish, and a rat. The ducks name is Lucky, the cats names are Moo Moo and Cotten, the six bigger frogs are Mikie, Fatty, Bugsey, Frogger, Slick, and Quasie, the rat's name is BobbyJoan (or nickname mouse), the hermit crabs are Fuzzy and Wuzzy, my fish's names are Mr.Fishy, Tigger and Poopiehead. Also I want to note if you are in the Anderson and Muncie area and you buy mealworms for your little friend, we will soon be selling vitimin packed mealworms! These worms are fed much better food than wood chips which is what they usually feed them! Also at a great price two! For 50 worms, you will only have to pay around 3-5 dollars.