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    Shaz and Nonnie

    Hi guys! Today I adopted two lionhead bunnies. I work at Petco in the grooming salon and sometimes people relinquish animals and we put them up for adoption. When I came in on Friday there were these two lionhead bunnies and I told myself I wouldn't get attached to them, but I didn't have any dogs past about 6pm so I spent Friday and Saturday night walking around the store with a bunny in my hand fixing displays and straightening cat food cans. They're both very tame. The previous owners had small kids so they got a lot of attention. The reason given for giving them up was they wanted to get a puppy instead. I don't understand why they can't have both, I used to!
    Basically I fell in love with the bunnies so I asked the people I live with if I could adopt them and they said yes, so I now have these two girls. They're sisters, spayed, three years old, and apparently the previous owners bought them from a breeder in Texas. (I live in Wisconsin so that's pretty far, but then again I bought my rabbit from a breeder in South Dakota when I was living in Illinois, but I had a high quality show bunny) I used to have a himalayan coloured Netherland Dwarf named Oslo that I'm sure the longer members of this forum will remember but he got sick and died in January 2009.

    They were called Daisy and Ginger but I thought those were too plain. I tried naming them after Doctor Who companions but I couldn't think of any names that suited them, so I branched out to other shows and then I thought the black one just looked like a Shaz. One of my other favourite shows is Ashes to Ashes and one of the characters is named Sharon but they all call her Shaz. There is only one other main female character in that show and her name is Alex, which didn't fit the tan one at all. I started thinking about other cute girl's names and I came up with Rhiannon. I know that Nonnie is sometimes a nickname of Rhiannon and it fit her so Nonnie it was. They're cutsey, girly names without being really common or overused.

    I left my still camera in my car so for now you'll have to settle for stills from my video camera.


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