I found this forum while looking up information on lynx point siamese cats. I looked around a bit and think I will like it here! Let me introduce you to my pets!

This is Foxy Jane. She is a Australian Cattle Dog mix. She was adopted from the Atlantic Iowa Animal Shelter in September of 01. She was loosing her puppy teeth at that time so was guessed to be around 6 months. With that information she will be turning 10 this March.

This is Riku. He is my lynx point siamese mix. This is not the greatest picture of him, but he has pretty blue eyes. He is about six years old. I don't have much background on him other than he and his companion lived in one room for the last five years. Now he has the run of the living room, kitchen, and hallway. He loves it!

This is Phoebe. She is my Domestic Medium Haired tabby. She is Riku's companion. They have lived together for as long as I know. She is a very sweet little girl when she gets to know you.

This is Riley. He is my Domestic Short Hair tabby. He was picked up on the way home from work one night and never left. I became quickly attached and he quickly became my kitten. He is an independent kitty who likes attention only when he likes it. He enjoys playing with the dog and tries to play with the other two cats, who aren't always real receptive to it.