We now have a feature called Albums, and instead of having to have your images on an external site, like the former Imagestation, you can load pictures into an album here, and then post them.

To create an album, go to your profile, and look in the right-hand column. You'll see "MiniStatistics" then "Friends" and then "Albums". Click that, and hit "Show All Albums" and then "Add album." You can then "Add pictures" to your album by hitting the little "Upload pictures" link below the album window. You can add captions as you go, or hit "edit" and add captions at any point afterwards.

Once you have created your album and put the pictures in it, it it simple to post your pictures to a thread.

1. Click on the picture you want, so it opens in its own window.

2. Below the picture, you will see your caption, if any, then two choices for text you can copy. To post pictures somewhere else, like in your own blog, copy the "Picture URL" text and past it into your blog.

the test will look something like this (but without the spaces):

htt p://petof theday.c om/talk/pict ure.php?albumid=4&pictureid=20

To post pictures here on Pet Talk, select, copy and paste the second section, called "BB Code" - it is best to "select all" when you are in that field, then you can paste it into your thread.

So it will look like this (without the extraneous spaces):

[IM G]ht tp://petoftheday.com/talk/picture.php?albumid=4&pictur eid=20[/IM G]

with the IMG tags.
And your picture will show up like this:

Hope this helps!