I'm new here -- joined yesterday to add a quick reply to a topic Lisa/kuhio98 had posted about a kitty a mutual friend is trying to find a forever home for (then I got very confused by a message about a second email for activating the account, reread the FAQ often enough I'm surprised I haven't memorized it, and finally posted hours later when I still wasn't sure I should yet -- and was relieved when the post was approved ).

I have a furkid and a featherkid. The furkid, Rusty, is a marmalade-tabby-and-white DSH, rescued two years ago (September 2008) from my sister's horse farm after his momcat abandoned him. The featherkid is a peach-fronted conure, rescued in December 2002.

My SinbadsMom name, which I've been using since February 2003, honors the cat I lost then. I first used it on a pet loss site where I met Lisa (and was a moderator for a few years) and now use it on my own site and some other boards. I have two other furangels at Rainbow Bridge, Tiger and Frosty. I miss my girls (yes, all three are females; I was asked to name Sinbad before I could bring home the little white kitten -- she'd been pure white at birth -- since the momcat's owner wanted her kids to start calling the kitten by its name, and I'd been told the kitten was male). I'll always miss them. But I cherish Pumpkin and Rusty (whom I rescued three weeks after Frosty went to the Bridge), and they keep things very interesting around here. Pumpkin is often on my shoulder when I'm online -- sometimes commenting, lol. They're both spoiled -- each thinks he's king of the world. They're both mischievous. And I love them both to bits.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!