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Thread: 4 month Beagle excessively Urinating

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    Unhappy 4 month Beagle excessively Urinating

    My husband and I recently adopted an adorable 4 month beagle Named Roscoe..He is absolutely adorable and seemed to be house broken except he urinates all the time..We bring him out every 30 minutes to and he goes pee, then we come in and 5 minutes later bam he does it on the floor or the couch. He also does it in his sleep and in his dog top it all off he starts to lick it up after and i have to shoo him away quickly..we have an appointment with the vet but I am going Crazy and our appointment isn't for another week.

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    For now, until you get him to the vet, you might consider covering the couch with plastic sheeting, just for your own sanity, and because it'll make it less likely he'll get up there. I would try staying outside with him, walking for longer, and sort of seeing if you can get him to drain the tank! But peeing in his sleep is a reason to see the vet.

    Do clean all the places he has peed with a cleaner like Nature's Miracle - which will remove the enzymes that we cannot smell but that tell him "good pee spot here!"
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    A belly band will help with you floors, carpets, furniture and sanity!

    This is a strip of fabric with a velcro closure over the dog's back. You put in a Poise or other incontinence liner. (Not a santitary napking, that is for a different type of fluid). Be sure to change the pad regularly as he can get "diaper rash" just as a baby can.

    While you can buy them for less on line, you may just want to pick one up at a pet store. Or make one, if you have the ability.

    Here is a link (this is where I bought for my dog), so you can see what a belly band is:

    It sounds like he has a UTI - urinary tract infection. Good job having the vet appt made. I am surprised they can't see him for a week!

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    urinary infection

    A week wait is rather unrealistic. An animals health can worsen quite quickly. If a urinary tract infection is left alone for too long, it can cause a more severe infection in the dog, often moving to other organs and causing the dog to become very ill.

    Even if he is peeing a lot, the animal still requires water so he doesn't get dehydrated.

    If your vet won't move up your appointment, you should seek out another vet who can see your puppy right away. Treatment should not be delayed.

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    To Vet ASAP

    I completely agree, get him to a Vet soon !

    He no doubt is in discomfort, specially if the evacuations are small and frequent.
    His attempt to relieve any pressure on his bladder.
    If it were a full (copious) urination, that would be different.
    This has to be an infection of sorts.

    Poor guy...

    Have a good Day !
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