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Thread: Mauxie Pictures

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    Mauxie Pictures

    Hi to everyone who so kindly asked for a picture of my precious Chica. After 9 tries, here's the only one! Busy Chica. Very busy.
    Chica's Mom

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    A Real Cutie

    Looks like Chica is a real cutie,we have a Shih Tzu named Heidi we got 2 months ago,we had just lost our Bichon Fritz and were missing him so got Heidi,she's a joy to have around and i am sure Chica is a joy to have around too.
    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    He is really a cutie! He looks a little like my shih tzu, poodle mix.
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    Hi, Chica, cutie! It is very nice to meet you! When you are less busy, I hope your mom can take another picture of you to share with us I love pictures!
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    Aww, Chica is so cute!!!
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    She is adorable!! How old is she again? Still a puppy, if I remember correctly. I just love her black face. Will it stay black like that or will it lighten up as she grows?
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    Oh, oh it is CHICA!!! The Maltese hair with the doxie colors, stunning look!

    Please share her with us often! LOL

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    Cute, Cute, Cute!
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    She's a cute little Chica!!!
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    Thanks for the kind words

    Chica is 12 weeks this week. She is teething big time.

    My vet says she looks like a Shuh Tsu as well. But they share some feature similarities with the Maltese.

    I hope her face remains black. We'll have to see how that goes. As the weeks go by her coat gets less caramel and more blonde. I like the hypoallergenic effect we get from the Maltese. And I love the attitude we get from the Dachsie!

    Thanks again for all the welcoming posts.
    Chica's Mom

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