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    Hi :)

    Hello to all - I'm new to Pet talk. My name is Elisabeth and I am a married, mom to one human daughter and three doggie daughters. I am an IT consultant by trade, but currently am working as a SAHM.

    Our dogs are Emma, a 14 year old yellow-lab mix, Bella our 1 yr old long haired chihuahua and Zoe, our newest addition - she's a 4 month old miniature aussiedoodle (mini australian shepherd/mini poodle mix). Both smaller dogs are black and tan (tri-color), so they kind of look alike in that respect. We love their little brown eyebrows! Two of our dogs (both of the mutts) are rescue dogs - one from a no-kill shelter, the other from a small-breed rescue. I would love to be able to be a foster-dog mom one day. The kind lady who had our aussie/poodle mix was retired and fosters now that she has more time. I like that thought

    Glad to join the community here and looking forward to joining in the conversation. I can tell by the lurking I've done there are a lot of great, well-informed, intelligent animal lovers here!
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