I usually have a standard morning ritual that I must endure because of a health issue. Because my blood pressure drops drastically after having breakfast i usually walk Koko before I eat. On those days, like today, when I sleep late. I will eat then wait the 2 hours before I can do anything. This morning Koko was pressing me to walk her and I was doing every thing I could to get my pressure up. After 15 minutes of isometric exercises I thought I felt well enough to take her out for her walk. I hooked her up to her leash and headed out, only to get to my front porch, and realized my pressure was to low to proceed. I sat down on a rocker on the porch hoping I could proceed shortly. Sitting there feeling sorry for my self, suddenly I realize I was witnessing something that I had not seen in my 70 years of type "A" living. There in my front yard was literally hundreds of birds of at least 2 dozen different types having a feast on rye seed and Dogwood berries. It wasn't the number of birds that really set me back but the fact that I had never seen any species like them before. I don't know if this is just a one day thing that I have always been to busy to see or what.

There were two types that really caught my attention. One was a Wren sized bird that had a orange breast and a crest. The other was a small blue bird with an orange breast. I sat there for more than an hour taking in this wonder until Koko's patience wore out and I had to take her for her walk.

On returning an hour later there was not a sign of bird anywhere. I don't know if this was my one time, in a lifetime, to witness such a wonder or not. I wished I had a built in recorder so I could replay what I had seen. This was one time that my morning ritual was disrupted and I will savor the memory, I hope, for a long time.