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    OK, this is a serious topic but this guy is priceless. It's a live feed and he's raising money for testicular cancer. He is a TC survivor himself. He has 4 cameras in his house (in Toronto, ON) and he is spending 25 days at home in his underwear (a different pair every day) to raise money and awareness.!/guyathome?v=app_4949752878

    This is a really cool online initiative coming out of Toronto office today. Reality TV meets cancer awareness, fundraising and viral marketing. $25,000 to Canadian Cancer Society if 25,000 people ‘like’ this guy on facebook …. 25 days to do it. October 6th is day one.
    … so please take a look, spread the word and don’t forget to ‘like’ if you use facebook
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    Liked! Thanks for letting us know Slick!
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    I'll repost this on FB b/c I'm sure most of my friends didn't know about him. Thanx!

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    Slick, I followed Mark and I thought he handled it very well. The amount went up to $50.000, since he hit $25.000 after about 7 days. One of his fans has started a chat page on FB - called "'Mark'- otics Anonymous". LOL!

    I bet a lot of men are getting Stanfields for Christmas!

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