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Thread: Speaking Software

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    Speaking Software

    Anyone have, or have experience with, Dragon - Naturally Speaking, software?

    Saw a few TV commercials about it, decided to try and learn a bit more about it. Asked at Staples today, seems there are THREE versions:
    1. Basic Dragon
    2. Premium Dragon, $100 more, you can speak spreadsheets
    3. Ultra Dragon , $100 more than Premium, wireless.

    I know I don't need the wireless version.

    So, anyone have any info?


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    I haven't used it but have seen it demonstrated a few times on QVC. The benefit of purchasing it there is that they usually have a 30 day return no questions asked return policy. Right now that is extended until Jan 31st with the holidays. I don't know how much it is at Staples, but here is the QVC link. It is the home edition and is $55. There is only one review, but it is 5 stars. There's a video presentation you can watch with it too. Don't know if this helps you or not.

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    I have one I got years ago that AOL put out (Windows 98, THAT long ago!). My southern accent was so bad that it never could figure out what I was saying! LOL! I am sure the newer versions would work better.

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    Thanks for the link, Moesha; that is almost half the price from Staples!

    Laura, lol, that is so funny! Wonder what that older one did with our Boston accent!
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    It is somewhat tedious, "training" it, but especially for someone with arthritis who find typing painful, it can be great help. You cannot speak as fast as you think, so you need to train yourself how to use it, too.
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