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Thread: Kabootle Ranch!! UPDATE

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    Kabootle Ranch!! UPDATE

    Guess where I have the chance to go NEXT week end? The lady that has helped me so much with the cats here in the neighborhood and Caramella and another one that work with her are taking 18 cats to Kabootle Ranch next week end!

    When she told me there were taking cats to Kabootle Ranch I had a FIT!! I think it suprised her that I even knew about that place but anyone who loves cats knows about it, right?! I was just having FITS and she asked me if I wanted to go with them... Said they will drive down one day and come back the next with as few stops as possiable going and coming, staying overnight in a motel.. I laughed and told her I never even dreamed I would know someone personally that went much less have the chance to go myself and that would be a dream come true to actually experince it myself.... but I would have to think about it.. YIKES!! Can you believe THAT? I have the chance to go!!!!!

    She said she was going to take her camera and take tons of pictures so if I didn't go, I could see the pictures instead... WOW!!
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