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Thread: what is my dog breed

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    She sure is cute! How old is she, do you know? It's hard to tell her size from the pictures, but her coloring and coat look very much like a Miniature Pinscher mixed with something. She's got that narrow bone structure, too, but without knowing her size and age it's hard to guess more!
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    Min Pin in there, I agree!

    Adorable, what is her name? Sweet pup!!

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    Cute girl, what's the name, I can't figure out the breed But she is really sweet,

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    Min pin/basenji? Sure is cute!

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    It would help knowing her age......if this is a full grown dog I'd go with Min Pin but if she's a pup maybe shep cross.

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    now she is 4month old... tall: 39cm weight:10kg
    her name is Herra :x
    tnx for responding
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    Hello, pretty Herra! Miniature Pinschers are about 12 inches at the shoulder as adults, and she's already well past that at just 4 months. So I would guess maybe a Shepherd or Doberman mix, but it will be interesting to see how big she gets!
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    ok karen..tnx

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    Dobe/shepherd? She is quite cute!
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    new pictures of my dog
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    oh yeah the tail screams Basenji...

    she´s so cute!!.. could well be Basenji mix... Basenji´s also come in black n tan
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    That definitely looks like part basenji. Someone said half minipin half basenji, and it looks like that could be possible. Might be hard to determine the exact mix, but I'm sure he is a sweetheart either way. dog obedience
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    looks like your dog has some doberman in it

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