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Thread: Very Bad News

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    I'm so sorry to hear about Punky. I lost Ziggy to FIP and it was very hard even though I didn't have him for very long it was a hard thing to go through.

    You will never forget them, it just gets easier as time passes on and then you'll think about it again and you will cry but you will remember the good times.

    My prays,

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    I can understand how that made you feel. Today I got together some more things I had gotten for Christofur to take them to the Salvation Army. Every time I saw any of them would pierce my heart again.

    Hugs to you and lovely memories of your beautiful Punky.
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    Liz, I am so sorry on the loss of your beloved Punky. You did all that you could for him. He was deeply loved and knew it.

    I know it is difficult to say goodbye to a pet you held so dear. I pray and hope that you find comfort and peace in the fond memories you made together.

    Rest in Peace handsome Punky. Your were so loved and will be sorely missed.

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    Oh, Liz. That is so sad. I know the feeling. Yesterday, as I took the Christmas Tree out of the box, I found one of Allie's fave little black puff ball toys. It made me cry.

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