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Thread: Memo From the IG's: Please Help Us! Our Mom is MEAN! *pics*

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    Memo From the IG's: Please Help Us! Our Mom is MEAN! *pics*

    Rocky: Can you believe this? Just LOOK at us ... all three of us squished up in ONE little dog bed!

    Gia: The horror! The abuse! Won't someone please help end this torture? Please send cheese and hotdogs right away!

    Iggy: Yes, for pennies a day, you can save a poor IG! We suffer so, all of use having to share ONE bed! Your donation of one package of hotdogs per day will feed three IG's!

    Rocky: Call 1-800-FEED-IGS today! All major credit cards accepted!

    Gia: Ummm .... what's mom saying? That there are seven more dog beds throughout the house, as well as the couch, loveseat and recliner? What?

    Iggy: I don't hear anything. Talk to the paw, Mom.

    Rocky: Now, as we were saying ... the abuse of IG's is horrific. Please look at the pictures, if you can bear it ....
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