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    I wasn't going to do this because I don't know if this is the place...but then again, it might be able to help someone....and I rather have people enjoy spending time on "Pet Talk" instead of worrying about finding a job.

    I am an ex headhunter who went into business on my own...I write/format/edit people's resumes, cover letters and such.

    So, since these aren't the best of times and the job market has seen better days, if someone needs help with their resume please contact me.
    I don't limit my work to the Illinois area and I can provide samples if requested.

    Lisa (Kittymom)

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    pm me
    Fuzzies for Furries
    Northwest Opossum Society
    Zoology Major
    2 Virginia Opossums, 6 cats, 4 bearded dragons, 1 iguana, 1 red foot tortoise, 1 tripod chihuahua, 5 mice, dubia and hissing cockroaches as well as other misc animals that wander in and out of my home.

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