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    posting a picture for wayne0214

    This is a picture of me holding Fawn, taken in Spring of 2002, He has turned into being one of my favorite lap kitties. Unfortunately, both of his littermates, Snow Cat and Jumper are both RB. But even though Fawn is a small cat, he still plays and runs around the house chasing who ever will take an interest in his play-time antics,


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    Well of course Fawn runs around like he is a big boy!!!!He doesn't let his size stop him from being anything less than lion-like in his activities! Great picture...thanks for Wayne for taking it and Jen for posting it!

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    Wow Wayne - you and Fawn - how cool is that!! At last we can see the beautiful furkid!!
    Jenluckenbach - many, many thanks for posting that pic, we'be been waiting some long time to see any of Wayne's furkids!!


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    What a treat to see Wayne with one of his babies!! Fawn, your Dad couldn't have picked a better name! What a handsome boy you are! And it's nice to hear you don't let your diminutive size stop you from ruling the roost! Hope to see more of you and the gang! Thanks so much Jenluckenbach!!

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    What a beautiful fur kid! He reminds me of my Luke! Good to see one of your fur kids at last. Thanks for sharing him with us.

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    Finally we get to meet Fawn! Beautiful eyes! Thanks Jen and Wayne for organising this.
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    Wayne what a beautiful cat Fawn is I can see why he is a lap cat. His expression on his face says "I am Loved"
    Thanks for the picture
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    Originally posted by toastco
    ...His expression on his face says "I am Loved"...
    Yes, perfect description. He is SUCH a cutie. Thank you JL and W!
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    First of all, I want to publicly thank jen and Randi, for taking the time to encourage me to at least place one pix on the net, as the procedure had me totally baffled. Now I must get pictures of the remainder of my furkids and place them on the net also -but not all at once.

    Fawn is about 1- 1/2 years old. He has some Abyssinian in him, remembering when he was a kitten, in typical Abyssinian fashion, he would be constantly making noises, what seemed to be, all night, while playing with some small thing that he found, usually on a shelf -very aggrivating. When he wants something, he squeeks instead of meowing. I have never heard him meow like a cat. When he was younger, Fawn often made a nuisance of himself, in that what ever he had his mind set on he would not change it no matter how much alternatives you presented to him. (He was neutered just this spring , after this photo was taken.) Now that he is older, this trait has subsided. Even though I have been with him since birth, he still purrs whenever I pick him up. He is a social cat, and loves to be around the others. Fawn usually sleeps with me on the covers, not to mention when I'm watching TV, I can be "rest assured" that he will jump up on my lap and then go sound to sleep, purring all the time (until he finally passes off to sleep). When he naps it is usually with the others, most often Tiara, Nightshade, or Nikolai -his most frequent play-mates. At night he still has a habit of laying on top of me, even though I attempt to roll him off. I think he is trying to tell me something -like, I'm hungry! this morning I was watching him because practically every cat in the house was running and playing about 4:30 this AM. Guess who the main instigator was? I found he has a way of looking at the others with a cocked head and a stare, apparently to get them to attack, and then he runs away, and the chase is on. Even big Otis was in the fray.

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    Finally !

    Hi Wayne at least we can see one of your furbabys! I'm excited!

    He's absolutely wonderful!!!
    What a handsome boy!!!
    Fawn looks so rexaled and confident in your hands!!!

    Toasco has expressed it so well. Yes: "Here am I and I'm loved."

    Can't wait for more pics of your menagerie!!!

    Thank you Jen an Wayne for sharing with us!

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    I'm so glad you and Fawn finally found each other! What a pair. He is beautiful and has such a regal look on his face, like he's right at home. Thanks for sharing his picture.

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    He has some Abyssinian in him.
    When he was younger, Fawn often made a nuisance of himself, in that what ever he had his mind set on he would not change it no matter how much alternatives you presented to him.
    sounds like my Louise!
    she also has a very high energy level, wants attention or to play, even more than the kittens! I call her the lean mean playing machine. minus the mean LOL

    Wayne lets see all your cats soon ok? I love to see cat pics

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    I loved the picture Wayne!

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    Fawn is so handsome. Wayne, I'm so glad that we're able to finally see one of your cats. Thanks for posting it for him Jen. I look forward to seeing pictures of your other cats.
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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Yipeee!!! Finally the first look at one of Wayne's brood. I'm so excited for you, Wayne, that at least you can get the pictures on the net. That is a huge first step, and I know you'll be inundating us with pictures of the rest of the gang in no time.

    Thanks Jen, for posting for Wayne. Fawn is absolutely adorable! I love the expression on his face.
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