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Thread: Urgent prayers needed- 9 wk old Misty is very, very sick :(

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    Urgent prayers needed- 9 wk old Misty is very, very sick :(

    I need everyones prayers and support. Misty (my 9 week old Golden Retriver) is very, very sick. She has lost over 2 lbs in the past 6 days. Vet saw her today. How she does in next 12 hrs will determine if she pulls through or goes on IV tomorrow. :'-(

    Vet thinks she may have Giardia but tested negative for it. She hasn't been eating or drinking hardly at all. She's been on meds since we got her, but now upped meds and have to feed her every two hours overnight. :-( I am really worried and freeking out

    we got her on 9-14. On 9-15 we took her to vet. Thought diarrhea was due to food switch too soon. 9-17 took her back, put on Metronidazole 250 mg 2x a day and Pyrantel Strongid 2ml once every 10 days. Went back 9-21 (today) and more Metronidazole and now Panacur 0.5tsp 1x a day for 8 days. I haven't had a formed bowel movement out of her since we brought her home last Tuesday :-(

    Vet has No clue. She's been tested for roundworm, tapeworm, toxcidia, geordia (snap test). All negative. Some of the other pups in her litter are sick too. The first one that got sick is now recovering and gaining weight back. But her sister is still in the same boat she's in. It's a real bad deal :-(

    She has ate a little over a cup of soft food since her vet appt. at 4:30p. I have a bit mixed with her panacar now, but she isn't eating it yet. I put it right beside her and am mixing Pedialite in with her water to try to help with dehydration. I really, really need her to eat. I even tried cooking a hamburger and putting crumbles in to entice her. Nothing... She just looks at it and lays her head down beside the bowl

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    Many, many prayers for your Misty.
    Forever in my heart...

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    Have they tested your puppy for Parvovirus or Coccidia?? Those are about the only two I can think of off the top of my head that can cause diarrhea that you didn't mention them testing for.

    I hope your poor baby gets to feeling better very soon!! Thoughts are with you.

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    I didn't even know you got a new baby! She's in my thoughts and prayers for sure!
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    OMG! How scary and awful!. Did you find out if there was a diagnosis of the pup that's recovering? Maybe it's something the pups got when passing through the birth canal. Whatever it is, I'm praying seriously that Misty recovers.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about little Misty! No fun for anyone.
    That's horrible that the rest of the litter is sick... hmmm. I agree with CatLady, have you're vet test for parvovirus as well as coccidia, could be one of those.

    Prayers on the way, and please keep us updated on her!

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    I'm so sorry to hear this. Hopefully your vet will be able to diagnose her problem and treat her with the correct medicine. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts are being sent her way.
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    Prayers on the way, hope she survives this. I agree - it maybe be parvo, but we will pray that she and the others pull through.
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    Prayers from RI, for Misty.

    How terrible for the wee baby. They look so sad, just glancing at the food and turning away. Makes us feel awful. Huggles to both of you.

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    My prayers for Misty too! I do hope she is feeling better today.
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    Parvo was the first thing I thought of too.
    I hope Misty pulls through.
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    More prayers on the way for Misty, as well as her littermates....

    Kaitlyn (the human)
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    Lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way. It could be parvo which is very serious.
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    Good Thoughts & Prayers sent Mistys way.

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    Is there any update on Misty?

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