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    Introducing: Misty!!

    Guess what guys? Our new little girl is here!! We picked her up Tuesday from the breeder. She is rolly, polly, happy and clumbsy. She adores Kody, and follows him *everywhere*. If Kody does something, she tries to imitate. She even got into his food a bit the first night until we propped it up higher to keep her out of it. Kody's food isn't formulated for little pups.
    Misty's favorite thing to do is run laps around our house and back yard with Kody. She has learned to go up and down the steps on our patio to get to the yard (though not incredibly gracefully). She also enjoys chasing Jinx, our cat, around the house and gets disappointed when Jinx retreats to the counter tops.
    I've been working on giving her 100 new experiences in 100 days. I read about that prior to bringing her home, and have started a Puppy Blog to document all of her new experiences, as well as my other furry kids. So far it's pretty much all about Misty though- she's the biggest thing going on right now!
    Check it out at
    I sure didn't miss the housebreaking phase, but alas, here we are again. Misty is alot younger than Kody was when we brought him home, so we are experiencing some new things too. It's worth it every minute though to have my sweet girl. She is such a joy! Everyone that sees her says she looks like the Cottonelle puppy. I, like any proud and loving momma, have taken a ton of pictures. I'm uploading them as I go to . Just scroll till you see the albums that start with "Misty" and then a date for pics of her. There's tons of Kody growing up on there too. Yes, I am a little crazy with the camera but I'm so proud of my babes- I never wanna miss a minute!
    Here's a teaser pic of our new little girl:
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    All of my kids have paws

    Check out my puppy blog:

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