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Thread: Found a songbird - can you identify?

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    Found a songbird - can you identify?

    Found a songbird on the sidewalk outside of work this morning.

    I think she hit the window and stunned herself. She flapped her wings a bit and gripped my fingers when I scooted her onto my hand.

    I moved her under a nearby tree so she wouldn't get stepped on.

    Any idea of the type of bird?

    IMG_1077 by ramanth, on Flickr

    IMG_1078 by ramanth, on Flickr

    I've been searching and the closest match I can get is a Yellow-throated Vireo.
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    Possibly a pine warbler. Google pine warbler images and take a look. I think the vireo is more brightly colored.

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    Looks like, yes.

    Good for you, moving her (him?). Nice photos, but you can see she isn't feeling too well in that first one. Hope she recovers!

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    Just wanted to update that the songbird is okay.

    When I went out again to check since we have some heavy rain moving in, I found a coworker watching over her.

    He suggested we move her to a nearby bush to get her to higher ground. When he went to scoop her up, she fluttered, warbled at us and flew up into the tree.

    And she does look like a Pine Warbler!
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    this site is cool.. but not sure how much help would it be as it┤s UK based.. I saw a few birds similar in shape/color.. so who knows.. lol

    either that or a pine warbler...

    you can look here and correct any info I put in..
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